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Since her back is already starting to hurt, I would suggest weight training to build up the muscles in her back and chest. I find the muscles in my back get tired and are really tight, but if I take time to do back strectches, it doesn't hurt as much. Save her long term money and get her in a sewing class that teaching tailoring store bought clothes. I also have a few vest (no kid would wear a blazer to school) that are tailored and minimize the size appearance.

At 13, your daughter is probably dealing alot with being so well endowed. Well fitting clothes will cut down on the kind of rude comments she gets. Here is another site: com/how_3416_I personally like shawls and the dresses that drop from the breast (no belt).

I, too, developed at a young age, but fortunately I didn't get too big.

Like with everything else, we all come in many shapes and sizes and sometimes you can't presict how things will eventually come out.

As to how the boys look at her, she will have to deal with it, just like the rest of us. She'll need to get fitted for a good bra, and don't buy too many of them. I would not recommend getting the reduction surgery. (She is almost in the 95th%tile at which point she would be considered overweight.) Healthier weight for her height would be between 78 and 108 lbs or so.

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