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When the trial runs out, you’ll still be able to use the program, but you’ll need to put up with an annoying splash screen that lasts for a few seconds every time you start up the program.

X-Chat was one of the first real contenders to m IRC.

In the decades following the invention of the Internet, dozens of programs and protocols have been developed to facilitate communication between computers.

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Whereas IRC was once usable only by the tech-literate, Hydra IRC has constantly worked towards making IRC easy for the newest beginners while still retaining the advanced settings that power-users desire.

The client is free and open source and packed full of awesome features, like themes, plugins, notifications, and reg-ex highlighting.

Prior to the current prevalence of Internet forums and message boards, IRC was one of the best ways to foster community and chat with people of similar interests.

Today, IRC is still running strong, though it tends to be used as more of a supplement to web communities that have already been established through websites and forums.m IRC was once the best IRC client for Windows and still remains as one of the most downloaded and most used clients today.

Coming out of Germany is Nettalk, a free and open source IRC client with a smart interface built on the Windows standards.

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