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The AIBO responded to over 100 voice commands and talked in a tonal language.

Later models of AIBOs were designed jointly with prestigious Japanese designers, and continued to gain design awards. The bodies of the "ERS-3x" series (Latte and Macaron, the round-headed AIBOs released in 2001) were designed by visual artist Katsura Moshino winning the "Good Design Award" Several prototypes have been displayed by Sony. MUTANT is described in "development of an Autonomous Quadruped Robot".

AIBO's sounds were programmed by Japanese DJ/avant-garde composer Nobukazu Takemura, fusing mechanic and organic concepts.

Estimated sales for all first generation models: 65, The first commercial AIBO. silver; began sales 1 June 1999 for delivery in August; limited production of 3,000 for Japan and 2,000 for the USA. Improved version of the original AIBO, initially released in November 1999 as a limited edition model. Headlights and LED near future-oriented design with.

Available on the internet and sold out in just 20 minutes after launch. All 3,000 units of the Japanese allocation were snapped up within 17 seconds of launch. Design based on the concept of space exploration robot by Shoji Kawamori.

The third and final family of AIBOs, the ERS-7s, have multiple head and body sensors, clicking ear actuators, a chest-mounted proximity sensor, expressive "Illume-Face" and Wi-Fi.

All AIBOs were bundled with accessories including a charging station and pink ball toy.

Late model ERS7's were bundled with a pink AIBone bone-shaped toy, playing cards and a charging station with pole and marker mat for autonomous docking.

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