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The couple exchanges rings at the party, but they wear them on their right hands until the marriage. Egyptians are very friendly people, and even the poorest person will show hospitality to a stranger.The Egyptian greeting is typically As-salamu alaykum , or "Peace be with you," and the response is Wa alaykum as-salam , or "And peace be with you also." Egyptians shake hands when greeting.

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According to legend, on the twenty-sixth day of the Islamic month of Rajab, the Prophet Muhammad traveled at night from Mecca (a city in what is now Saudi Arabia) to Jerusalem.

From Jerusalem, he rode his wondrous horse, al-Burak, on a nighttime visit to heaven.

Some Egyptians also believe in the "evil eye," a kind of curse, and take measures to prevent being harmed by it.

About 90 percent of Egyptians are Sunni Muslims (followers of a branch of Islam), about 8 percent are Coptic Christians, and about 2 percent are other Christian denominations. Egypt commemorates secular (non-religious) holidays and Muslim religious holidays.

Upper (southern) Egypt and Lower (northern) Egypt were joined by the King Menes in the third millennium .

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