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AS1331 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6059 UMS2-ASN - University of Maryland AS6060 MAGI-NET-GW - Management Alliance Group Inc. AS6121 Argentine Ministry of Justice AS6122 ICN-AS - Iowa Communications Network AS6123 WEBPROS-ASN-1 - Web Professionals AS6124 MARIST - Marist College AS6125 Associação Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa AS6126 CA-INTL-AS - Computer Associates International AS6127 IDSCAS6128 CABLE-NET-1 - Cablevision Systems Corp. AS6149 TENET-2AS6150 NCIFCRF - National Cancer Institute/Frederick Cancer Research AS6151 Q-AS - Allen, Bradley Ward AS6152 PACIFICWEBWORKS - Pacific Web Works, Inc. AS6166 RADIOMAIL - Radiomail Corp AS6167 CELLCO-PART - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless AS6168 EK-GROUP-AS Emirates Airline AS6169 PENTELEDATA-3 - Pen Tele Data Inc. AS6171 WORLDGATE - World Gate AS6172 NEN-AS - New Edge Networks AS6173 SMARTLINK - Smart Link Communications Inc. AS6191 CECLFROC - Network Design and Implementation AS6192 UCDAVIS-CORE - University of California at Davis AS6193 Corporacion La Prensa S. AS6194 MSFT - Microsoft Corporation AS6195 GSCO - The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. AS6197 BATI-ATL - Bell South Network Solutions, Inc AS6198 BATI-MIA - Bell South Network Solutions, Inc AS6199 COOPERUNION - Cooper Union AS6200 UIC-AS - University of Illinois at Chicago AS6201 ATEXT - Architext AS6202 NEXTRON - IMV/Internet AS6203 ISDN-NET - The Nexus Group, Inc. AS6219 NBIX3-AS - University of New Brunswick AS6220 AS6220 - in Contact Inc. AS6287 SPACESTAR - Spacestar Communications AS6288 PERTECH-CA-01 - Per Tech Inc. AS6334 ASN-TSG - The Sabre Group AS6335 NTRNET - NTR. AS6345 ZIPNET-AS - Zip Call Internet Services AS6346 VUI - Valhalla Unlimited, Inc AS6347 DIAMOND - Savvis AS6348 BETTYPLATFORMS - Prodigy Services AS6349 LAMBEAU-TELECOM-1 - Lambeau Telecom Company LLCAS6350 VRIS-6350 - Verizon Online LLCAS6351 MWEB-6351AS6352 ETRADE-AS - E*Trade Group AS6353 NETZONE - Netzone, L. AS6369 NETRUNNER - Netrunner Inc AS6370 LUCENT-ASN - Lucent Technologies AS6371 AMERICATEL - Americatel Corporation AS6372 DCANET - DCANet AS6373 OPUS1 - Opus One AS6374 MFS-WEST-AS - MFS Global Network Services, Inc. AS6659 EASYNET-DE easynet Gmb HAS6660 CWASIA Cable & Wireless UK P. AS6663 TTI-NET Euroweb Romania SAAS6664 ASN-IBSBKBONE TELECOM ITALIAAS6665 SHINY-AS Shiny Corporation AS6666 HEADLIGHT-INTERN Seicom Verwaltungs Gmb HAS6667 EUNET-FINLAND Elisa Oyj AS6670 JV Media Groupe JVAS6671 State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Samara State University"AS6672 ASRELCOMSPB LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY RELCOM-SPBAS6673 INCOMA-AS Incom A Ltd. AS6716 TUNZ SA/NVAS6717 AS6717 Internet Central Limited AS6718 NAV-TELECOM NAV DATACENTER TELECOM SRLAS6719 KNOPP-AS Limited Liability Company KNOPPAS6720 MAGWIEN Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Magistratsabteilung 14AS6721 CZ-TERMINAL The Terminal Bar, internet cafe s.r.o. AS6723 UA-XAIM Oleg Vereshchinsky PEAS6724 STRATO STRATO AGAS6726 GTS-SK-AS-BACKUP GTS Slovakia a.s. AS6997 SILLS-AS - SILLS CUMMIS EPSTEIN & GROSSAS6998 BRITEVOICE - Brite Voice Systems Inc AS6999 UU-ITNNET - Interactive Telecom Network AS7000 DBEACH - Globel Net, Inc. NET, LLCAS7078 MONMOUTH - Monmouth Internet Corp AS7079 AYRIX - Ayrix Technologies, Inc. AS7432 EGENIUS - Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow AS7433 CYBERMAX - Cybermax Communications, Inc. AS7435 ATM-CIN - Attachmate AS7436 IRON - Ironlight Digital AS7437 Rednet AS7438 Pegaso PCS, S. AS7471 DAREBIN-AS-AU City of Darebin AS7472 NUS-AS-AP Computer Centre AS7473 SINGTEL-AS-AP Singapore Telecommunications Ltd AS7474 OPTUSCOM-AS01-AU Sing Tel Optus Pty Ltd AS7475 UQ-COMMERCIAL-AP The University of Queensland AS7476 QUESTNET-ACADEMIC-AP The University of Queensland AS7477 TEREDONN-AS-AP Sky Mesh Pty Ltd AS7478 MACKAY-AS-AP Mackay Telecommunication Inc.

AS1339 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6268 EXPRESS - Mistik Systems AS6269 ATT-INTERNET2 - AT&T Services, Inc. AS7542 EDGE-AS-AP Edge Technology Pty Ltd AS7543 PI-AU Pacific Internet (Australia) Pty Ltd AS7544 COMCLARK-IXG Com Clark Network & Technology Corp AS7545 TPG-INTERNET-AP TPG Telecom Limited AS7546 DREAMTILT-AP Dreamtilt Service Provider Gladstone AS7547 CEIEC-NET-AP The East China regional network of CEInet AS7548 CEIHN-NET-AP The hainan regional network of CEInet AS7549 CEINC-NET-AP The North China regional network of CEInet AS7550 SBS-AS-AU ASN for SBSAS7551 CLOUDCENTRAL-AS-AP Cloud Central Pty Ltd AS7552 VIETEL-AS-AP Viettel Corporation AS7553 PETROSYS-AS-AP Petrosys Pty Ltd AS7554 ARUP-AS-AU Arup Australasia AS7555 HEALEY-AS-AP Healey Communications AS7556 UNITED-AP United Telecommunications Internet Services AS7557 KTNET-AS Korea Trade Network AS7558 KBS-AS Korean Broadcasting System AS7559 DONGA-NET-AS The Dong-A Ilbo(DAN)AS7560 CHONBUK-AS Chonbuk National University AS7561 KIER-AS-KR Korea Institute of Energy Research AS7562 HCNSEOCHO-AS-KR DCCAS7563 EDS National IT Industry Promotion Agency AS7564 KAERINET-AS Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute AS7565 BDCOM-BD House # 43, Road # 16(New) 27(Old) Dhanmondi, Dhaka AS7566 VOICEDOT-AS-AP Voicedot Networks AS7567 ASIANONLINEAUS2-AS-AP Nexon Asia Pacific AS7568 CSLOX-IIG-AS-AP CS LOXINFO Public Company Limited.

AS1340 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1342 Fujitsu Invia Finland IP-network AS1343 NIMBUS - Cisco Systems AS1344 DNIC-AS-01344 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS1345 DNIC-AS-01345 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS1346 DNIC-AS-01346 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS1347 ONVOY3 - Onvoy AS1348 CA-DOTNET-AS - California Department of Transportation AS1349 RADIANZ-AS-1349 - RADIANZ Americas, Inc. AS7569 AARNET-VIC-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet)AS7570 AARNET-NSW-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet)AS7571 AARNET-WA-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet)AS7572 AARNET-ACT-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet)AS7573 UTAS The University of Tasmania AS7574 AARNET-NT-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet)AS7575 AARNET-AS-AP Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet)AS7576 SGINET Shao Guan Information Center AS7577 VTC-AS-AP Vocational Training Council Hong Kong AS7578 ADN-AS-AP Access Digital Networks Pty.

AS1237 KREONET-AS-KR Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information AS1238 ICM-MALAYSIA - US Sprint AS1239 AS1239 Sprint Link Global Network AS1240 ICM-PACIFIC - Sprint AS1241 FORTHNET-GR Forthnet AS1242 PLH-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS1243 DNIC-AS-01243 - Headquarters, USAISCAS1244 AMOCO-AS - Amoco Corporation AS1245 DET4LAN-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS1246 TLL-WEST - Zito Media AS1247 AFTERLIFE-GW-AS - Do D Network Information Center AS1248 NOKIA NOKIA Corporation AS1249 FIVE-COLLEGES-AS - Five Colleges Network AS1250 ERX-SINGAPORE-AS National University of Singapore AS1251 FUNDAÇÃO DE AMPARO À PESQUISA DO ESTADO SÃO PAULOAS1252 UNMC-AS - University of Nebraska Medical Center AS1253 VEROAUTOSYS-AS The National Board of Taxation AS1254 NASA-LARC-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1255 SMITHCOLLEGE-AS - Smith College AS1256 MASSNET-AS - Massachusetts Education Computer Network AS1257 TELE2AS1258 XKL-NET-AS - XKL, LLCAS1259 WRAIR-ASN - Headquarters, USAISCAS1260 PLE - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS1261 NATINST-AS-AS - National Instruments Corporation AS1262 NSN-NCAR-AS-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1263 NSN-NCAR-AS-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1264 USACESPK-AS - Headquarters, USAISCAS1265 SAINT-MARYS-AS - Saint Mary's College AS1266 DNIC-AS-01266 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS1267 ASN-INFOSTRADA WIND Telecomunicazioni S.p. AS1325 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS5759 RAINSTORM - Storm Network Systems, LLCAS5760 BIDDEFORD1 - Biddeford Internet Corp AS5761 MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-SATURN - Microsoft Corporation AS5762 NETMAG - Magnet Interactive Studios AS5763 TRI-DEV-GRP - Trilogy, Inc. AS5771 ALSK-5771 - Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. AS5773 LAMBEAU-TELECOM-COMPANY-LLC - Lambeau Telecom Company LLCAS5774 USPS-001 - United States Postal Service. AS6095 NIBR-US-DMZ - Novartis Institutes for Bio Medical Research AS6096 SYSNET-1 - Sysnet Corp AS6097 ASN-CKS-CU - CKS Group AS6098 WEBSPINNERS - Web Spinners, Inc. AS6637 INFOEX - Infoexchange/Sprint AS6638 OANET - OA Internet Inc. AS6832 Swiss Telecom F EAS6833 GVS-AS Terranets bw Gmb HAS6834 AS6834 KMD A/SAS6836 LASTAMPA-AS Editrice La Stampa S.p. AS6837 SWISSCOM-TRANSIT-AS Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd AS6838 FLIX-AS The Flirble Internet Exchange AS6839 MTV3-AS MTV Oy AS6840 THEBRAIN-NOC-AS THE BRAINWORK S.r.l. AS6928 RAINNET - Tacoma-Pierce County Association AS6929 COSITE-ASN-1 - COSITE, INC. AS6931 RINGLING - Ringling College of Art and Design AS6932 EBSCOPUB - EBSCO Publishing AS6933 HARBING-ASN - Harbinger Net Services AS6934 ATT-COLUMBUS-AS - AT & TAS6935 IDG-ISG - IDG Interactive Services Group AS6936 NETGATE-SC1 - Net Gate Communications AS6937 WWWPROD-AS - WWW Productions, Inc. AS7222 SBIS-KCSYMO - AT&T Internet Services AS7223 CSRLINK - CSRLink, Inc. AS7225 GLOBALNETCORP - Global Net Corporation AS7226 DATA393-ASN2 - Latisys-Denver, LLCAS7227 KPMGL-AS - KPMG LLPAS7228 AS-PAETEC-NET - Pae Tec Communications, Inc. AS7230 ORBITEL - Orbitel Communications, Inc AS7231 ISP-ZAAS7232 USWEB - USWeb Corporation AS7233 YAHOO-US - Yahoo AS7234 RUSSELL7234 - Frank Russell AS7235 LANMINDS - Lan Minds, Inc. AS7242 NORTEL-TECHNOLOGY - Nortel Technology Ltd, AS7243 HDS-AS - HITACHI DATA SYSTEMSAS7244 ALAMEDANET - Alameda Networks AS7245 TECLINK-AS - TECLink Inc. AS7304 THECIA - Complete Internet Access, Inc AS7305 INNERSET-AS - Innerset AS7306 ASIANDEVBANK - Asian Development Bank AS7307 HIPPOCAMPUS - Hippocampus OSD Inc. AS7331 IARC - Information Architecture AS7332 LIGHTBOUND-AS - IQuest Internet AS7333 WINNET - Win NET Communications, Inc. AS7335 LOOP - Loop Phone Organization AS7336 COMPASS - Compass Communications AS7337 SNIP - Southern NJ Internet Providers (SNIP)AS7338 GLOBALENET - GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK, AS7339 SIEMENS-CREDIT - Siemens Credit Corp AS7340 TELETELAS7341 VELOCITY - Velocity Network, Inc. AS7390 NLSLANAS7391 DNIC-AS-07391 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS7392 DELPHI-INTERNET-AS - Delphi Internet Services Corporation AS7393 CYBERCON - CYBERCON, INC. AS7411 WINTERSTORM - Storm Net Communications AS7412 ENS-NET - EZ Network Systems, Inc. AS7447 ONLINEINTERACTIVE - Online Interactive AS7448 CHOICE-HOTELS - Choice Hotels International, Inc. AS7452 NEIS-NET - New England Internet Services AS7453 ACCELERATION - ACCELERATED DATA WORKS, INC.

AS1326 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS5775 DIVERS-ALERT-NETWORK - Divers Alert Network, Inc AS5776 WORLDWEB - World Web Limited AS5777 ASN1 - GENBAND Inc. AS6066 VERIZON-BUSINESS-MAE-AS6066 - Verizon Business Network Services Inc. AS6099 BAE-NET-ASN - Alameda County Office of Education AS6100 NAME - North American Media Engines AS6101 TAC-NET - The Atlanta Connection AS6102 CBSCORPORATE - CBS inc. AS6639 CW-CAYMAN-AS Cable&Wireless Cayman Islands AS6640 QWEST-AS-6640 - Qwest Communications Company, LLCAS6641 SPORTSLINE - Sports Line USA Inc. Sti AS6824 HERMES-NETWORK Hermes Telecom International Ltd AS6825 IDDQD-AS Corsellis-Montford Group PLCAS6826 GARANTIYA-AS Limited Liability Company "Garantiya"AS6828 USI OJSC Rostelecom AS6829 NO-SOGNFJORDFYLKE Sogn og Fjordane fylke AS6830 LGI-UPC Liberty Global Operations B. - Internet Service Provider AS6841 BT-INFONET-EUROPE BT-Infonet-Europe AS6842 AUCS Communications Services v.o.f. AS6920 TRADEMED-AS - Trade Media AS6921 ARACHNITEC - Arachnitec, INC. AS6938 GREENLAKE-IOC - Greenlake/IOCAS6939 HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric, Inc. AS7229 GLOBAL-ONE-RESTON - Global One Communications L. AS7246 BMS-AS - Bristol-Myers Squibb Company AS7247 MOJO - Mojo Networks AS7248 SURENET - Sure Net Corporation AS7249 SKYSCAPE - Sky Scape Communications AS7250 SURRY-TELEPHONE-MEMB-CORP - Surry Telephone Membership Corporation AS7251 SUNBELT-AS - Threat Track Security AS7252 DSR-NY-HQ - DS&RAS7253 MAINSTAY-COMMUNICATIONS - Mainstay Communications AS7254 SURFSOUTH - Surf South, Inc. AS7282 DXNET-AS - DXNETAS7283 THERIVER - THE RIVER / INTERNET ACCESS COAS7284 CDSINTERNET - CDS Internet AS7285 SPACENET - Spacenet, Inc. AS7301 NAS-AS - National Academy of Sciences AS7302 ADVANCEDINTERNETCOMM - Advanced Internet Communications, Inc. AS7308 SPRINT-PCS - Sprint PCS (Personal AS7309 USWO-AS - The Virtual Marketing Corporation AS7310 GARTNERGROUP - Gartner Group AS7311 FRONTIER - Frontier Networks AS7312 FDM4-CA - FDM4 International Inc. AS7342 VERISIGN-AS - Veri Sign Infrastructure & Operations AS7343 VISA-INTERACTIVE - Visa Interactive AS7344 VIVIDNET - Vivid Internet Production Company AS7345 LUCENTTECH - Alcatel-Lucent AS7346 SPIRITONE - Spirit One, Inc. AS7394 FLYINGPENGUIN - Flying Penguin Productions Limited AS7395 INTEGRATELECOM - Integra Telecom, Inc. AS7413 DONNAKARAN - Donna Karan Company AS7415 ADSAFE-1 - Ad Safe Media Ltd. AS7449 TIOGA-NET - Tioga Communications AS7450 ADVANCED-ASN - Advanced Network & Services, Inc. AS7454 CLICNET - Clic Net Telecom AS7456 INTERHOP - Interhop Network SERVICES Inc.

AS1333 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6132 INGRESSNET - Ingress Enterprises, Inc w/ Ingress Communications, Inc. AS6163 ERX-MOZCOM-NETWRK Mosaic Communications Inc. AS6212 IGC-DC-AS - Institute for Global Communications AS6213 GETONTHENET - On The. AS6235 SMG-NJ - SUMMIT MEDICAL GROUPAS6236 BBCON - Business & Banking Concepts AS6237 WEBBED - Webbed Communications AS6238 DPSC-AS - Dept. AS6244 SWIEC - Swieca Holdings, LLCAS6245 NETWORK-SOLUTIONS - Inter NIC Registration Services AS6246 AVALONTEL - Avalon Tel AS6247 SPANIT - SPAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Inc. AS6249 RCN-AS3 - RCNAS6250 NEONOVA-NET - Neonova Network Services AS6251 PSNET - UCLA Physical Sciences Division AS6252 EVOLUTION - Evolution On-Line Systems, Inc. AS6291 MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS - Microsoft Corporation AS6292 LTT-EAST - Lightstream Transmission and Telecom Inc AS6293 ESKIMO - Eskimo North, Inc. AS6703 ALKAR-AS PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FARLEP-INVEST"AS6706 VOL-AS Volny a.s. AS6735 SDTNET AGAS6736 IRANET-IPM Research Center of Theoretical Physics & Mathematics (IPM)AS6737 METAWARE-AS Valvolari S.r.l AS6738 DRI DRI - Internet Service Provider AS6739 ONO-AS Cableuropa - ONOAS6740 TISCALI TS-Data s.r.o. AS6758 AS6758 MONACO TELECOMAS6759 FE-AS Future Electronics AS6761 INGATE CJSC Ingate Development AS6762 SEABONE-NET TELECOM ITALIA SPARKLE S.p. AS6763 JOSEBA-2 British Sky Broadcasting Limited AS6764 PERFTECH-SLOVENIA-AS PERFTECH, podjetje za proizvodnjo in uvajanje novih tehnologij, d.o.o. AS6785 CYBERCITY Telenor A/SAS6786 CRONON-BERLIN-AS CRONON AGAS6787 AGIX Strawberry EDV-Systeme Gmb HAS6788 ORC-AS Online Resource Center, ISPAS6789 CRELCOM-NET LLC "CRELCOM"AS6790 GTS-HUNGARY GTS Hungary Telecommunications Limited Liability Company AS6791 AIVANET Aivanet Autonomous System AS6793 TELIVO-AS TDC Oy Finland AS6794 ASN-HRTNET # AS-HRTNET CONVERTED TO ASN-HRTNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE HRT - Croatian Radio Television AS6797 PHONERA Phonera Networks ABAS6798 NET4YOU-AS Net4You Internet Gmb HAS6799 OTENET-GR Ote SA (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation)AS6801 Federal State Institution Russian Scientific Center Kurchatovsky institute AS6802 UNICOM-B-AS NREN - Bulgaria AS6803 SWAN SWAN a.s. OHGAS6807 KHARKIV-AS National Technical University 'Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute'AS6808 TINET-ASIA-BACKBONE Tinet Sp A Asia Network AS6810 BEZEK "Bezeq"- THE ISRAEL TELECOMMUNICATION CORP. AS6811 Verizon Denmark A/SAS6813 FLEXNET Autonomous System AS6814 Tinet Sp AAS6815 ING-NL-AS ING Bank N. AS7007 FLIX - FL Internet Exchange AS7008 TIBA-AS - The Internet Business Association AS7009 QDECK-MDR - Quarterdeck Corp. AS7481 TWIX Data Communication Business Group AS7482 APOL-AS Asia Pacific On-line Service Inc.

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