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An Anatolian's first defensive measure is visual deterrence. If that doesn't do the trick, intruders are greeted with a mild, throat-clearing sort of bark that will escalate, if necessary, to a bloodcurdling warning. With their legendary fearlessness, prodigious strength and cat-like agility they can drive off the largest of predators. Here are some tips from the Legislative Committee to help you keep you and your dog out of trouble.

Summers are dry, while winters are marked with heavy snowfalls and temperatures plunging well below freezing.

Here in this environment, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a functional tool of the Turkish Shepherd.

Anatolians require substantial fencing in all but open range settings, and should never be allowed off leash off their property, with the possible exception of completely fenced in dog parks. Are you looking for a working dog, show potential or family protector? (This breed is definitely NOT recommended for Schutzhund training.) 2. For suburban folks, when considering fencing a 6' fence privacy fence is often better than chain link.

Some Anatolians make wonderful Therapy dogs because of their calm temperaments, but "attack dog training" is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED for this breed because of their serious nature. Do you now own/or have you owned an Anatolian Shepherd Dog? Dogs will tend to bark less when they do not see every movement from the neighbors on the other side.

Historically, since Babylonian times, there is documented a breed of large strong dogs with a heavy head.

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