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(For clarity, we’re talking about the foot-powered scooters shown above, not the wasp-like Vespas you see all over Europe or on college campuses.) What’s perhaps even more perplexing is that the Amish also have no real qualms regarding roller blades, an item that most people wouldn’t classify as old-fashioned.However, the Amish simply see this as a form of non-motorized transportation.

This means the off-the-grid Amish are free to use them.

However, those used by the Amish are not the whirring white monoliths with a million dials strewn across the top.

The caveat was that they were required to be powered by off-grid methods such as gas or diesel engines.

Today, gas-powered fridges are commonplace within most Amish communities, some even going as far to manufacture their own.

” The Amish are not allowed to own automobiles, and that is a rule they adhere to across all communities.

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