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With religion the missionaries carried the best elements of ancient culture and civilization which Rome had preserved amid all the vicissitudes of barbaric invasion.To these treasures of antiquity have been added the productions of a nobler art inspired by higher ideals, that have filled Rome with masterpieces in architecture, painting, and sculpture.the country districts around Rome), priests are taken thither from Rome every Sunday to say Mass, catechize, and preach on the Gospel. Moreover, in the churches and chapels of many religious houses, particularly the generalates, as well as in the various national colleges, it is possible for foreigners to fulfil their religious obligations. In these churches, too, there are, regularly, sermons in English on feast-day afternoons, during Lent and Advent, and on other occasions.

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AD entra nelle case più belle del mondo, precede i trends, coglie gli orientamenti, lancia nuove idee e invita alla sperimentazione.

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From Rome the bearers of the Gospel message went out to the peoples of Europe and eventually to the uttermost ends of the earth.

To Rome, again, in every age countless pilgrims have thronged from all the nations, and especially from English-speaking countries.

Of the great Christian monuments of the Eternal City, special articles are devoted to BASILICA OF ST. Bartolomeo), and within the city its banks are protected by the strong and lofty walls which were begun in 1875. Navigation on the river is practicable only for vessels of light draught, which anchor at Ripa Grande, taking cargoes of oil and other commodities.

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