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It is understood he knows waitress Lisa Kemp (left) from his local New York-themed restaurant and was spotted enjoying some Christmas shopping together, as well as a romantic trip away to Edinburgh.

The former postman is thought to have been mending his broken heart with the waitress after his fiancee Samantha Burbidge (bottom right) called off their engagement in January this year.

The 33-year-old Miss Plummer is being held at a police station after initially being taken to the the notorious Qena prison (inset).

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Mark Thomas, pictured with fiancee Kathryn and daughter Evelyn, were enjoying a meal at Frankie & Benny's in Warrington when a waitress said she had mistakenly supplied Evelyn alcohol.

Mr Thomas explained they had ordered a fruit-based 'mocktail' for the youngster, containing orange juice, apple juice and grenadine.

There were chaotic scenes as 19-year-old Nathan Ward (right) appeared at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court in Ireland today charged with the murder of Jayne Toal Reat (inset) and the attempted murder of her daughter Charlotte, 21, and his father Joseph Tweedie on Christmas Day at their shared home in Lisburn, Co Antrim. Martin Knowles (left) has refused to give up hope that Sophie, 21, (right) is still alive despite running from her seaside home in Gorleston at 3am on Boxing Day, wearing only shorts and a vest.

Tensions were running high as a distraught Miss Reat (pictured left) had to be physically restrained as she shouted out ‘it’s not fair! Armed police were forced to intervene when her soldier father Simon Reat (also left) lunged forward towards Ward shouting, 'What the f**k did you do Nathan? In a video message for his vulnerable daughter, who has been battling anxiety and depression, he said: 'Sophie just come home please. All of your friends in your home town of Gorleston want you back. Just come home.' Police have admitted hopes are fading to find Sophie alive and a planned search of the sea, beaches and woodland around Great Yarmouth had to be halted today because of bad weather.

Jamie Oliver revealed he has been secretly spicing up his recipe books with saucy innuendo for years including instructions for fellow cooks to ‘rub all over, getting into all the cracks and crannies’.

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