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No, I’m not saying hide behind your purse but if you find yourself self-conscious of a certain area and are about to avert taking the photo all together you can certainly play up the accessory.

But try to wear darker colors on the areas you are trying to slim OR get creative with the cuts of clothing and color blocking to accent areas you like and minimize areas you don’t.

Someone amateur at best snapping a quick shot without fully looking at what you look like in that photo. They aren’t thinking about how your shirt is hugging one of your rolls or that the way you are holding your face is letting your double chin get all the attention. You have to look in a mirror or play the selfie game to find your best angle towards the camera. Everyone knows to put your hand on your hip to make those arms look toned and it helps the waist look a little smaller. They usually have their hands on their hips and their feet crossed – no matter how skinny they are. For those of us with wide midsections and generous arms its not the best to wear light solid colors on top (they don’t call it an apple shape for no reason). Therefore making a picture I was much happier with.

They also don’t look at photos all day long like a professional would. To show you a real example check out the difference in the first picture where I wasn’t ready, and the posed one. Crossing your feet allows for the hips to look curvier and legs slimmed down for a nice mermaid effect. I didn’t find this out until I saw the photos and realized this was a no no, for me personally. Also look at my chin in the second picture, it’s more extended to make my face look more angular.

As anyone knows, the lens on any camera is usually what? So an object you see with your own eyes, in a picture is normally Barrel distorted. So even the best photographers deal with this issue. I normally never photoshop my body, but instead go into Adobe Lightroom an fix the lens distortion to be more accurate. The next one is from above where my chin looks svelte and legs much better.

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