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And she wasn't just yelling at them; she was being very nasty—it was making me uncomfortable.Well, my friend's neighbor confronted her quietly about the way she was speaking to her kids, and it set her off.

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A: Your posting didn't say, "I like pina coladas, and getting lost in the rain," did it?

Because your letters sounds like an updated version of the dreadful Rupert Holmes song.

And if she can't deal with others' good news, then she needs to address her own unhappiness, not resent her friends' good fortune. That will give her time to absorb your news and cancel the visit if she'd prefer to stew about her own unhappiness. I overheard her saying the youngest has an ear infection—he looked to be about 2.

From what I could see, the children were not misbehaving.

It's not just because you want to get ahead of her having that flash of recognition when she sees the photo of the "seducer's" torso and recognizes the pattern of moles.

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