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Lambert has been dating Anderson East for over a year, and she's currently rocking her cross-country tour before heading overseas for a slew of performances in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

"As close as we have been, we got even closer." began to shoot ­season nine in the spring, he decided to tell ­everyone at the show.

Though he and Lambert hadn't announced their divorce, he knew it would be final by the time the blind auditions were broadcast in September, and he didn't want his ­producers and fellow judges to refer to Lambert as "Blake's wife."Shelton and Stefani had met two years prior, when she joined as a coach in season seven.

He mock-grudgingly honored a request ("I'm going to do it so you quit whining") for "Austin," the 2001 tear-jerk smash that launched his career."I love you, Blake," a fan shouted, inevitably. "We're going to be in the tabloids, you and me.

We're having twins." And Shelton, who has gained a few pounds recently, pointed at a belly bump filled with beer.

He has twisted his jester reputation on his latest album, , which debuted at No.

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