Celebrity five go dating dating men on the rebound

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The five far-from-A-list celebs, who are slightly too much in the public eye to have a normal dating life yet not quite famous enough to happily date within the celeb-o-sphere embark on a (so far) 12 episode journey of dating agency interviews, social mixers, and dates in order that they will find true love by the end of the series. Despite this, another fatal flaw in the concept of the programme is that the celebs all want to date someone ‘normal’…but the people selected from the general public who attend the mixers are chosen because they want to date a celebrity.I will admit that after a few episodes I did get quite into the celebs’ dating storylines; Who kissed whom on their first date? Having said that, the programme is pretty dragged out for what it is; not much actually happens.Meanwhile, Toff is wined and dined by an Oxford Quantum Physicist PHD student, but having downed loads of shots at the Single’s Mixer, she can’t remember his name. And Calum Best, the Agency’s smoothest client to date, lays the charm on thick with Naomi, but will it be enough to make her fall under his spell?

Georgia AKA Toff, hasn't been too lucky in love, being linked to Francis Boulle, Gary Lineker's son George, as well as Lottie Moss' ex, Sam Prince in the last couple of years, so she was obviously keen to find love. Online at the Today Tix Great Gatsby party the blonde beauty said: "The show has really helped me. It's legit an agency that helps people find love," She did admit she had had some pretty awful dates during the course of the show but was clearly looking on the bright side.

She explained: "Some of them have been truly horrendous but this has really helped me meet people who are outside my normal zone.

Episode two – Tues 5th Sept, 10pm Having joined the Celebrity Dating Agency, it’s time for the five brand new celebrity singletons to start dating.

But these famous faces aren’t romancing each other, they’re dating the great British public.

We’re sure his head will be turned by the sparkling new eye-candy in the form of reality hunk Calum Best and former contestant Frankie Cocozza who are sure to put Nadia and Eden through their paces.

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