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The tropical islands of the Philippines have made it a popular tourist destination, but economic environmental and social problems have affected that island nation since the beginning of the postcolonial era.

This guide will help you navigate the types of volunteer projects in the Philippines, popular destinations, and answer common questions to help you plan your volunteer trip.

Keep in mind that this work will not be available during school holiday seasons like April-May.

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Health care work is a good opportunity for medical students as they will have the opportunity to observe medical systems and practices in a developing country.

The work to empower women can range from education about family planning services to support and counseling for women who have come from abusive backgrounds.

The stone cathedrals, emerald rice fields, bug-eyed tarsiers, uniquely graffitied jeepneys, and smiling people create a scene that is distinctly Filipino.

To visit the Philippines is to never be without friends.

As with disaster relief work anywhere, it's best to leave these projects to experienced professionals for the initial relief work.

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