Christian monzon dating

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I’m curious as to why he’s so obsessed with me.” After hearing her comments, Eminem went and did what he did best- throw shade in one of his songs. It seemed that Mariah had not learned from her past mistakes in mixing business and pleasure.

He rapped of Carey “Mariah whatever happened to us? In 2003, Mariah began seeing Mark Sudack, a record producer who happened to be her manager.

Mariah and Derek were both at the height of their fame and prominence which led their relationship to be splashed all over the tabloids with the media constantly trying to find out all the inside information.

During their relationship, Mariah was still married to Tommy Mottola and there had been much speculation as to when the divorce was going to go through.

However, in coping with their split, Mariah displayed some bizarre behavior on MTV and following a string of incidents, she was checked into hospital for an “emotional and physical breakdown”. , the movie made headlines when people caught on that there was a connection that surpassed their acting.

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