Dating antique glassware dating denver in online services

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This, combined with the cost of importing natron for the production of raw glass, contributed to the limited use of glass and its position as an expensive and high-status material.

Dating antique glassware

These treasures can be high end auction pieces in pristine condition, but often, they're curio shop or flea market finds that need some major cleaning inside and out.

Eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, you'll find an antique glass piece with huge potential -- if you can just separate it from the accumulated grime of a few decades.

The Roman writers Statius and Martial both indicate that recycling broken glass was an important part of the glass industry, and this seems to be supported by the fact that only rarely are glass fragments of any size recovered from domestic sites of this period.

Melting does not appear to have taken place in crucibles; rather, cooking pots appear to have been used for small scale operations.

Archaeological evidence for glass making during the Roman period is scarce, but by drawing comparisons with the later Islamic and Byzantine periods, it is clear that glass making was a significant industry.

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