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Lantern clocks were first made in Suffolk in the second half of the 17th century, but they continued to be made in Suffolk into the middle of the 18th century as well.

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George became an Attorney, avoiding the horology business.

In 1704, Mark Hawkins replaced the church clock at St James's church, in Bury.

After 1760 there came a trend for painted dials, and by 1780 there came batch production of parts and movements, allowing clock assemblers to gradually replace clock makers.

All of the Watch and Clockmakers on this page are listed alphabetically on the left, but are described below roughly in date order. Mark Hawkins senior, Bury St Edmunds, (b1674-d1750) Mark Hawkins the first was born about 1674, probably at Newmarket.

The 1979 Catalogue of the Gershom Parkington Collection included the Longcase clock and Lantern clock of Mark senior, and his lantern clock can be seen on display in Moyse's Hall Museum in 2007.

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