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Benfica wanted to pay me in a contract to go while Sporting wanted to take me [to Portugal] as a junior player for experience with no monetary reward. They went to speak to my mum, my brother, and offered €1,000 for three years. They signed the contract with my mother and she got the money".

By 17 December 1960, Eusébio arrived at Lisbon and was sent to Lagos, in the Algarve, with Benfica fearing a kidnapping operation by Sporting rivals. He remained there for 12 days, until the transfer upheaval would calm down.

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The move was controversial; Sporting Lourenço Marques was a subsidiary of Sporting Clube de Portugal and the two rivals disputed the legality of the transfer.

According to Eusébio: "I used to play in Sporting's feeder club in Mozambique.

He first started to play for a local amateur team called Os Brasileiros (The Brazilians), in honour of the great Brazil national team of the 1950s that he and his friends formed, they would play under the names of some of those superstars.

The balls they used were made of socks stuffed with newspapers rolled into spheres.

While he stayed in a hotel room he was warned for possible run-overs.

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