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Use our specialised online dating B2B dating solution to provide your users, website traffic or new traffic / business a solution that will generate an income.

Setting a new dating site up is simple and our team is on hand to help from start to finish if needed.

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Using Affiliate Dating to make your own white label dating site.

The private label dating sites provided use the latest technologies to help your visitors to the website meet, chat and ultimately date.

These are your options: be sent to confirmed email addresses — so make sure that your users are confirming their email addresses on your site.) Enter the subject line and body like you would for any other email.

Review your work with the Preview button, then you can Start Mailing, Continue Editing, or just Cancel. It’s a simple but effective tool for keeping your users up to date on important site information.

Using Twitter for Promoting Your White Label Dating Site Twitter is essentially a micro-blogging platform.

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