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by  |  14-Jun-2019 19:07

But on their You Tube channel for Simple Pickup they provide tons of entertaining and valuable content on the ever-popular topic of picking up girls.

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Dating skills podcast who is this celebrity dating

Jesse and Kong join us to talk about why their brand of pickup is different, why it’s not what you think and how Simple Pickup’s techniques carry over into every aspect of your life.

All of that and more on episode 374 of The Art of Charm.

And apart from perhaps adding some financial security in terms of being able to get the higher paying jobs that come with having doctorates, a Ph D doesn’t really add anything to a relationship.

My friends always tell me to emphasize my Ph D when on dates. Instead, I probably need to develop new skills that are particularly targeted towards success in romantic relationships.

But to be honest, I’m always unsure how much of myself I should reveal on dates. I’ve never been one of the “cool kids” (I was always in study hall! Instead I’m reliable, trustworthy, and conscientious. I just had a goal of earning my Ph D and I didn’t stop until I’d gotten it.

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