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Festivals range from colourful folk spectacles to medieval celebrations, from weird sport events to sophisticated entertainment in the arts.

There's probably not a weekend that goes by without a fair, a festival, or a concert.

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The regular racers start first, followed by groups of witches.

It's a fun week for all ages, starting with a mini witch (kids) race on January 6.

No, I won’t work in the retail store until 9PM on Christmas Eve… extended negotiations were required if we wanted to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special in color. You will, however, hear him on my parent’s record player…

no, I won’t go shopping with you after dinner on Christmas Eve. Presents have long been purchased, wrapped and tucked under the tree. Ironically, I still feel like a visitor when I sit in that room…Heino, whose baritone voice made the Schlager Musik Superstar one of the most successful German Musicians EVER. He and Freddy Quinn were front and center when it was time for my parents to party. and the eggs came in Eierbecher ( special egg cups.)Soft, squishy Wonder Bread was never a sandwich option. Holding your fork in your left hand, and the knife in the right…

Our various customs and folk traditions celebrate our rich visual and acoustic heritage.

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