Dating tips 4 women

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You can use a situational opener: If you’re even moderately good at flirting – it’s game on.From there, it is up to you to decide whether you actually like the guy and would like to continue seeing him.Also, women have this totally ridiculous misconception that it is the guy’s job to approach and that if they make the first move – they are coming across as crass, cheap and ‘easy’.

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When you flirt with a guy, it instantly puts you on his radar and he begins to perceive you as a potential mate.

Practice flirting with guys over the phone, while texting and in real life situations.

Well, regardless of whether you’ve been single for a while or you are just out of a relationship, these dating tips for women will make you totally irresistible to men!

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It is also way more rewarding than hoping that prince charming will sweep you off your feet at some random place!

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