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How would you escape or get out of that sticky situation?

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We danced to the band and did our usual stuff, then I get approached by a guy in a hat who tells me his band is next. Well I didn’t because we were all on a bar crawl and to be honest I really fancied the drummer, this guy just wasn’t someone I was all that bothered about.

I bump into other friends and we end up joining in with his stag do, it was a messy night and I forgot about the guys in the band.

I've been talking to this guy -- let's just call him BGG (Bad Grammar Guy) -- and, about a week ago, I told him this: I'm not interested in dating you. But, here's the thing: Am I being too weird/shallow/stuck up about this?

When he responded by saying, "I'm wondering what's missing n you eyes," I wanted to reply, "IT'S YOUR GRAMMAR!

I received over 600 messages from men while registered with OKCupid and Plenty Of Fish.

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