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And institution that the lady already is, at 33, she even took it to Washington’s Kennedy Center.

The autobiographical act cost half a million to mount, including nine peekaboo Bob Mackie costumes and one $30,000 effect that failed (“We really ate it,” Cher concedes, “on the laser butterfly”).

The KISS rocker has revealed he broke the 'Believe' hitmaker's heart back in the 1980s when he fell for her best friend, after she suggested he met up with the singer to get tips on choosing her Christmas present.

He explained: ''Initially, Cher and I had a relationship and we lived together in Malibu.

READ MORE Solange Knowles is typically a private person, but since her current health situation is the reason she won’t be performing on New Year’s Eve, she’s decided to be more open with fans.

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