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Vascular changes start occurring in brain areas where playing a vital role in retrieving and storing information.

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This is known as the starting of this kind of disorder.

During this stage, he or she will become more forgetful than ever before.

There are actually 7 most important stages of this disease that are very clear and separate.

All vascular dementia stages you will have chance to discover when reading the entire article today are: Ÿ Stage 1: no cognitive decline Ÿ stage 2: very mild cognitive decline Ÿ stage 3: initial mild stage Ÿ stage 4: early stage- moderate vascular dementia Ÿ stage 5: mid stage- semi severe vascular dementia Ÿ stage 6: second last stage- middle vascular dementia Ÿ stage 7: second last stage- late vascular dementia This is the first out of the vascular dementia stages that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn for good!

The first stage of vascular dementia has no signs and symptoms, which shows clearly that the person functions normally and is healthy and alert.

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