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Use the DOH emotion to signify a really, really, really stupid person!

Clapping Hands (clap) If you need to show your appreciation to someone – maybe a very funny link or a cool trick, then clap your hands and applaud them!

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Bow (bow) If someone gives you a compliment or maybe even applauds a good idea, then why not accept it gracefully with a bow!

Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl) One of the most frequently used net phrases is ROFL, or rolling on the floor laughing.

It will make people give you more time before they expect your answer!

Evil grin ]:):)(grin) Sometimes you have a plan to take over the world, and only a big evil smile will do!

Dull |( |-( |=( If someone is really boring you then send them the dull emote and let them know!

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