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If you own an i Phone that is not part of a contract with AT&T, you can now officially unlock the device for use on other networks.

We’ve discussed this before and our previous guide on unlocking the i Phone through AT&T focused on calling a special direct line, but now we’ll show you how to unlock an i Phone entirely through the web with the help of AT&T’s online technical support chat.

Often i Phones are rejected because they are not out of the contract period yet, so sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting a bit longer to be able to unlock the device.

When the unlock has been approved, it’s just a matter of restoring the i Phone through i Tunes to get the unlock to complete.

These rights allow artists to protect themselves from infringement, or the unauthorized use and misuse of their creations. A number of universities had banned Napster prior to April 2000 because of concerns about potential copyright infringement and/or because traffic on the Internet was slowing down university servers. Napster responded that the Fair Use Act allows owners of compact discs to use them as they wish. Intellectual property laws give owners the exclusive right to profit from a work for a particular limited period.

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