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The conversation may be short or it may be long but either way, you want to be able to talk about it without feeling like you need to come up with an answer by X time .

If your partner springs the conversation on you without warning, then ask for time to think and pick a day to talk about it.

This is an important conversation, so it’s critical that you both have time to actually .

If you want to have the DTR conversation, tell your partner “Hey, I’d like to talk with you about us and our relationship, figure out where we’re going and what this all means. ” Pick a day when you’re not going to have any commitments, deadlines or responsibilities that are going to cut into your time together; you want to be able to have the talk when you’re both relaxed.

There’s no better way to leave someone feeling like they have no options other than to go along with what you want or break up right then, which is a recipe for resentment.

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