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He loaned us his large convertible to take to mission santa Barbara.Sexy red head in the front with the Sweet smell of colitis flowing through here hair, when we got there the mission bells rang. I always took this song to have a somewhat literal beginning.You can check out any time but you can't never leave!

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Barry states he wonders if Randy, Bernie and Don Felder will as he states "show up". Without Randy's and Bernie's incredible voices the harmonies that gave the Eagles their awesome sound just would not have existed.

By now everyone probably knows the 2015 event did not include the Eagles because Glenn was very sick at the time and unable to attend. Desperado and On The Border are my favorite Eagles albums!!

I think that all the members of the Eagles was influenced by those horror movies since 1973, too if so.

That means these influences must had made Don Henley write the lyrics of the song before the album 'Hotel California' came out in 1976.

Because it was a very long, mysterious, dynamic song in music history.

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