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During her early high school years, Silver developed a more reserved, somewhat irreverent side offset by a warmer nature hidden within.Like David and Kelly before her, Silver enrolled at West Beverly High, eventually gaining school-wide notoriety due to The Vicious Circle, a popular video blog in which she reports on the lives of those around her often by inserting digitized photos into animated shorts.As Naomi used her connections to assist Silver, the two acknowledged that they enjoyed bonding again. Silver became notably agitated when a waitress gave her unexpected news about an order, but a perplexed Naomi pacified her. When a new school day came along, Silver revealed that she'd had Dixon's name tattooed on her torso. Silver later took an interest in film, requesting the assistance of teacher Ryan Matthews in compiling a small project for a local theater.

Silver followed Dixon home while frantically explaining her actions and stressing her love, but Dixon went inside after a brief argument.

Soon afterwards, Dixon and his parents found the film burning outside.

Prior to this, she and several others discovered that Naomi's father was having an affair.

Naomi then feared that Silver would retaliate against her by posting the information on her blog.

This led to the beginning of Silver and Annie's friendship.

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