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More about music ‘“ goths usually listen to The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death and Dead Can Dance.

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Christians, start to call me a hypocrite, and my spirit for Christ starts to die.

plus, I tried talking to someone online about being a Christian and even quoted a few scripture verses to her, but she criticized me and said that she was an atheist and that she had a very poor opinion of Christians.

Maybe we’ll piss some people off with these choices, or for neglecting your all-time favorite record.

We fully expect (and welcome) a handful of “how dare you’s” in the comment section. Without any further ado, let’s get to it—here is the list in chronological order: 1.

Many heated debates have been had among friends as to which bands qualify, where is the line between post-punk, goth, and industrial lies, and whether or not a working class band from the heart of Manchester deserve credit as the kingpins to an entire culture (hint, we’re going with the Northampton boys and “Bela“).

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