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We’re here to help you, if you need us.” No explaining was needed.

I followed her into the change room, where she produced a cute little green plaid jumper, and white blouse with Peter Pan collar. Before I put the jumper on she helped me into a waist cinch.

The center of activity was, of course, the salon, which included two professional dryers, three shampoo and coloring sinks, a curtained area, with table for massage and waxing, plus two fully equipped styling stations with wrap around, mirrored vanities. Bye dear.” It’s a quiet Saturday morning in the Spring. I turn over and look for Phyllis and remember she’s not there.

I followed her in and she handed me three, generic, charcoal gray colored, plastic, salon style capes.

I wasn’t the only male employee, but I was the only guy that was a stylist. I did full makeovers, hair color, eyes, makeup, the works. Getting to the phone I picked it up to hear my wife ask, “ So it’s Mr. ” she asked sarcastically.“ Lighten up, Terri, I’m only teasing you. Then Phyllis continued, “ First, she could work on you, with you describing what to do. I’d like to go strawberry blonde.” We smile at one another and laugh. Of course breakfast will be served promptly at ten thirty. Thrilled to be best, sissy girl friends and at our wives beck and call.

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