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The sea ice is in “shockingly bad” condition for native hunters.

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For me, the more I learn about crows, the more I see the extraordinary in the most seemingly ordinary birds — like the fact they can recognize faces and might even give gifts.

That’s the value of taking science out of the lab to the social media sphere, like Swift is doing. We could explain that the western United States — and virtually every other place on the planet right now — is warmer than normal, in line with decades-long trends.

Three weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with the worst rainfall event in U. history, many low-income residents are still stuck at home, unable to afford a replacement vehicle and get back to work.

More than 90,000 of the 250,000 damaged cars were either uninsured or not covered by flood protections, according to estimates from the Insurance Council of Texas.

Florida has certainly seen more than its fair share of rising seas and climate-fueled storms.

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