How to run dating offers

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"The reactions I get to my profile are hilarious, supportive and kind."Generally people respond in shock and awe, as well as humour and interest in how I was hit by a train."My favourite part of my profile is my title of 'stand up comedian' – even though most people genuinely ask me where they can come and see me perform and don't realise it's a joke." However, despite using the app over the past two months, Mandy is yet to find love.

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I’ve been at White Label for almost six years now and during that time, I’ve seen the online dating market change a considerable amount.

Gone are the days of easily acquiring cheap CPLs and stumbling across unexposed niches waiting to be cashed in on.

Our account managers are very passionate about what they do – we’re always just an email away even on evenings and weekends.

We want to work with you to help you develop your business – seeing your growth gives us a buzz.

" Previously we revealed how half of singletons in the UK have NEVER asked someone on a date face-to-face.

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