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He said that the study’s finding that height matters more to women supports the social system of patriarchy, in which males are the primary authority figures.‘The masculine ability to offer physical protection is clearly connected to the gender stereotype of men as protectors,’ he said.

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“Growing up gay in the Midwest wasn’t a super welcoming atmosphere most of the time,” said Mike, the Detroiter.

Trent says he came east to escape the homogeneity of his home town, “seeking diversity of people and opinions.” And so they spent a lot of time at dinner talking about the time they’d each spent abroad.

The Midwest, as Mike reminded me, is quite a big place, so it’s not like a guy from Detroit and another from Kansas City are necessarily going to connect on all fronts.

But what Mike and Trent truly bonded over was the need to get away from their respective places of birth.

One initial point of overlap: By the time they’d signed up for Date Lab, both had run the gamut of online dating and were suffering from what Trent calls “app fatigue.” We sent them to El Centro D. (Though he’d been to the restaurant before, he somehow managed to be overdressed.

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