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A more ballsy subset of people – perhaps those who think of themselves as savvy, financially aware and a little bit opportunistic – might ponder ways to increase that handy sum. Obviously, savings accounts and ISAs don’t offer returns to speak of these days.

Property is basically out of financial reach and prices of everything from groceries to holidays are rising as the pound lingers near multi-year lows.

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Figures published recently by the FCA show that 53 per cent of pension pots accessed since the new rules were introduced have been withdrawn fully.

It recently raised a number of concerns relating to what people are doing with that money and a full report into the issues around pension freedom is due to be published next year. Lawyers have told me that more fraudulent platforms are springing up daily.

It’s our collective responsibility to clamp down by speaking up.

In the endlessly lengthening maze of the internet, where policing of every dark corner is by its nature impossible, that – unfortunately – is our only hope.

He said he had felt worthless and was trying to compensate.

Internet dating scams england

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