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by  |  03-Mar-2019 13:46

I opened my inbox and saw an email from a reporter for a New Orleans newspaper.

“I came across your name today while researching an article,” he wrote.

My mom asked what I had said to make people so angry, and what I had done to upset strangers so badly. * * * I had spent the past six months researching online harassment and how it works, but that hadn’t answered any questions of how to stop it while maintaining an active online presence, and without making your accounts private.

As of now, the only real way to avoid being contacted by strangers (which opens the door to harassment) is to make your account private, but there should be a middle ground.

The idea that to be safe from online harassment a person has to make their account private is akin to the idea that to be safe from rape a woman should not walk home alone at night.

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