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Read 'The Case of the Missing Books' (4th Estate) 7.

Rural Ireland Miss Maple is not your average sleuth. This doesn't stop her investigating when her flock finds its shepherd with a spade through his heart.

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But the setting – a remote country house – is a big part of its appeal. South Wales This comic Welsh noir series, the Aberystwyth novels, features Robert Lewis's young, alcoholic PI Robin Llewellyn.

Read 'The Last Llanelli Train' (Serpent's Tail) 11.

Crime fiction is booming as never before - and with dozens of new titles translated into English for the first time, there’s a detective for every holiday destination.

Jonathan Gibbs tracks down 80 of the best sleuths to escape with this summer.... Greenland The murder takes place in Copenhagen, but it is to the unforgiving Greenland coast that Smilla Jaspersen follows the trail.

If you prefer some caper with your cadavers, try Ford's lighter, more goofy Leo Waterman books. San Francisco It's Los Angeles that Easy Rawlins calls home, of course, but in Cinnamon Kiss he's up the coast in San Francisco, smack bang in the middle of the Summer of Love. You could make a list of 80 sleuths who have trodden the mean streets of just this town alone.

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