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by  |  17-Jun-2019 21:02

The women appear to enjoy the class, but then they are far too polite to indicate otherwise.

We get back to the House to find one of the volunteers busy on the roof terrace designing a paper cup bell that she wants the children’s group to make and decorate the following morning.

It is also clear that there are two distinct approaches to teaching English: two of us take a more structured, ‘academic’ approach, while one is of the classic English woman abroad type – speak Pidgeon English loudly with silly games etc.

In afternoon, she reverts to the children’s programme and thrives, while we scholarly types work our way through verb tenses and a discussion of what life is like where we come from.

When we do it on the roof terrace we find that the neighbourhood dogs become aroused and start responding to us, adding amusingly to the dawn chorus already in full swing.

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