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Cops found him in a White Castle parking lot with a gun, 300 rounds of ammunition and knives in his possession, but was sentenced to just five years' probation as he was a minor.

Another suspect who was in the car with Valenica, named as Jerry Reyes, 22, by law enforcement sources, was arrested.

'She needs recovery time,' he said.'But she'll go back.

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The teenager accused of shooting a cop in the face was only free because a judge had given him a slap on the wrist for a weapons charge earlier this year.

Officer Kayla Maher and her partner were responding to calls about a suspicious vehicle at Marshall Road and Ridge Drive in Yonkers, New York, at 8pm on Monday, when 18-year-old Frank Valencia of New Rochelle reportedly opened fire at the cops.

She then walked down the line of officers, sharing a hug and a chat with many, to their cheers and applause.'It could have been much worse, thank God the officer didn't sustain life-threatening injuries,' said Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner.

'She's lucky to be alive.''It's the first time this has happened in 30 years,' Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said, referring to a local cop being shot in the line of duty.'She is recovering from her injuries.

Dozens of police officers gathered outside Jacobi Medical Center, some with balloons, to greet the wounded officer.

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