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For Clockwork Mod Recovery, the correct options are .You’ll then need to flash a GApps package, short for Google Apps.Sometimes you’ll use something called fastboot to load the recovery onto your phone, though other times you can use an app like Flashify or TWRP Manager.

While this may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll quickly find that it’s a vibrant community built around tweaking Android phones.

Remember, though, that anyone can post ROMs here, so it’s important to make sure you trust the developer before installing anything. For some general guidelines, make sure that: Of course, try to use common sense while determining whether you should try a custom ROM that you find.

You’ll need to change the recovery so that you can flash a different ROM because the stock recovery doesn’t allow for that.

— so it’s important to read the provided instructions.

However, if you stick to a custom ROM that comes from a more reputable source and you know what you’re doing, then these downsides should be minimized at least.

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