Library policy feedback and updating mechanism

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Background on Infusion Pump Safety General information Benefits of utilizing smart pumps Limitations of smart pump technology Other considerations Examples of Desirable Functionality / Features of Smart Infusion Pumps Stakeholder Collaboration Project Guidance Disclosure About ISMP References Additional Sources for Information I. The data allows organizations to evaluate smart pump use, identify opportunities to enhance safe use, and take action to correct problems.

Data collection can include the number of infusions programmed using the drug library, the number of soft stop overrides, or the number of times that an alert, soft stop, or hard stop resulted in the reprogramming of an infusion (11).

Here you can find the revision history and downloads for the My Sensors Arduino library.

We keep the source code on github publicly available.

However, soft stops can be overridden by the user, and the medication can still be infused without changing the smart pump settings.

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