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Dear Deidre I HAD sex with my best friend and thought it was going to be the start of something great – but I regret it now.

She’s since gone with one of my close mates and brags about how well hung he is. I’m a guy of 20, she’s 21 and we were at school together. I was very fond of her and loved it when she started flirting with me one night.

We had really special sex and I thought we were going to start a relationship but, just a couple of weeks later, she hit on my friend.

I realised what she was up to and tried to warn him but he took no notice. I don’t mind, if they’re happy, but she’s never faithful to him. We went out with my male mates recently and two of them went home early because she was hitting on them and being loud, annoying and way too flirtatious.

Guy 2: An alpha male does not let his emotions overcome him and only believes things if he has crystal clear evidence to do so.

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