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But then I’d still have to go through the hassle of registering that corporation in California and paying the 0 annual fee (because I live here.) And, of course, I’d still have to pay all those bloody state income taxes.

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It’s steadily gone up, from a few hundred dollars a year to what will amount to a few thousand dollars this year.

Sure, it’s not a ton of money, but I get the payments in Amazon credit and use them to buy many everyday items.

(Yes, I’m going to break my own unspoken rule and wax political on my blog.) The government is notoriously business-unfriendly–with everything from high taxes on business earnings to badgering businesses into more work.) Okay, you want examples.

Here are a few things I’ve had to deal with: But the final straw came recently.

I had an inkling that if California voters elected Jerry Brown that I’d end up leaving the state.

Mandating gardisil

Maria, You don’t seem to grasp the magnitude of what this author is saying. It doesn’t matter whether they are bargirls, virgins, store clerks, business owners, accountants, married or even rich and famous. I hand the guard a slip of paper as I leave with my number on it on the inside and her name (from nametag) on the outside. I have turned on the tv in my hotel room, noticed a pretty dancer or briefcase opener, made a phone call, “I was watching ___ on tv. I will send you a picture, she is number ___” A few days later, she is in my hotel room naked. One fellow said [A lister] is available for $xx,000. A few years later, she and her weekend boyfriend were sitting behind me on a plane.…
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