Mothers dating advice for daughters

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At 50 and 19, respectively, they're such good friends -- and so physically similar -- that they're often mistaken for girlfriends, both in the friendly and the romantic sense. Let's put aside the more commonly-asked question these days -- that is, should you be Facebook friends with your children -- and get down to a much more basic quandary: Can you be real life friends with them? There's the sense that befriending our children -- and especially our daughters -- will cause them to behave better, rebel less.After all, the reasoning goes, teens are less likely to spout off to their friends (if only slightly) than to their mothers; why not approach mothering more like friendship? At any age, but especially as girls grow into young women, mothers like to feel connected to their daughters and, in many cases, their daughters' friends.

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Obviously I wouldn't have wanted him to talk about me with his dad!

" Julie's closeness with Kat had caused trouble in other ways.

Exchanging witty banter, enjoying each other's company for days on end, chatting on the phone three times an hour? These days -- much more so than when I was growing up -- many moms and daughters do.

They act less like parent-children than old college roommates.

A friend once told me she and her 20-something daughter went halfsies on a subscription to .

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