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Originally posted by King Kandy Sailor Scouts win, actually Moon can solo. In an alternate future where he achieved that form, he ruled and devastated the whole universe.

yeah that was the Sailor Stars one even though..Salior Senshi dont really fight they let you kick the shit outta them, maybe let you kill some of them, then they purify your soul..... Chaos ultimately got beat by Sailor Moon hitting him with an attack fueled by all the stars in the Galaxy, but it is said he will eventually be reborn in a stronger form called Sailor Chaos.

I can't see something like galaxy buster or something like that. All the villains of Sailor Moon where actually drawing on his power.

I don't know if it was just wankcity or if they really did things like that. I just know that they fought someone named sailor galaxia or just galaxia...anyway sounds like a las vegas tranny but apparently she was like the Ultimecia of the anime, some end all be all chick who they couldn't kill. Originally posted by Kirikaze Fuuma all I see when I read the manga is sailor moon defeat someone called chaos which is said to be the strongest creature in the galaxy.

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so in tactics and strategy, it would be between kurama and mercury (both are geniuses).

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