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The Gospel of John is mysteriously without an Olivet Discourse. By the time John writes his Revelation of Jesus Christ, the time frame of the Generation Promise was almost up. Bruce, New Testament History (Garden City: 1969), p.411. The events in the letter would be fulfilled “soon”, “shortly” and they were “at hand”.

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At the end of the letter, none other than Jesus Himself confirms that He is coming SOON – to THEM!

This timing perfectly aligns with Jesus’ parallel teachings in his landmark Olivet Discourse by Matthew, Mark and Luke about how Jerusalem would be destroyed before the end of his generation.

Once we see WHEN and WHY Revelation was written, much of the mystery of it’s content is solved.

The first point to consider about Revelation is WHEN it was written. • Francis Nigel Lee, Revelation and Jerusalem (Brisbane: 1985) • Peter J.

One popular view today is that this shift happens after the fourth chapter.

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