Nia vardalos john corbett dating

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Don't propose to a girl on a bus, you got that?

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Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is Andrew (Ryan Reynolds)'s abusive Canadian boss who needs him to marry her so she can stay in America.

Yet along the way, they really do fall in love—even when their ruse is exposed.

It is one of my all-time favourite love stories and a beautiful coming-of-age story." – ashleyprice Watch on: Netflix US and UK"I discovered it at 2am when I couldn't sleep – I thought it would be a stupid tween movie, but it turned out to be AMAZING.

The love interest is in the background compared to a fight for justice that involves She's the Man-esque cross-dressing." – Josie Watch on: Netflix UK, Canada, Brazil and more"It's a witty, heartfelt rom-com about two teenagers who meet outside of a party and end up immediately hitting it off.

It's the cutest rom-com, and my husband actually likes watching it with me." – Cate Flanagan, Facebook Watch on: Netflix US"It was so unexpectedly funny!

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