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by  |  11-Jun-2019 12:08

Opening my first Novell training manuals back in 1993 provided a lot of excitement too.After getting over the first waves of enthusiasm, I remembered that this exercise provided an opportunity to evaluate the Novell Linux Desktop (NLD). If I didn't know which one to choose, the screen said to ask my administrator.However, we question the need for three installation packages on one distribution.

The screen displays reminded me of many Su SE Linux installations, but the Novell logo took me back to a fonder time when I started work on becoming a Certified Novell Engineer.

While installing the Novell desktop, I felt a rush of excitement.

No matter how I tried to fix the NLD desktop, it refused to give me what I wanted. Interestingly, once you install the Gnome desktop, you can change it before logging in and choose the KDE desktop.

If you attempt to install NLD like Su SE, you'll discover that it's based on Su SE but it's engineered differently. One has to attribute this to Su SE's history of using KDE as its default.

In Figure 10 you can see a screen shot of the Yast2 tool.

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