Online dating and phone number internet dating scams england

by  |  02-Jun-2019 12:20

provides a quick quiz that you can take to see if you might be involved in a romance scam, and also many resources for those who suspect that they may have already fallen victim to a romance scam.

If the photo appears on many other sites or comes up under different names this person may be lying to you about who they really are. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, right-click the image and select “Search Google for this Image”.

This will open Google’s search results for the image in a separate tab.

However, online dating’s major draw is also its biggest flaw: you have no idea who the person you’re talking to really is.

Romance scams are among the most common form of internet fraud, accounting for over $86 million dollars lost by Americans in 2014.

Once you’re out on your date it’s important to have fun, but keep a clear head.

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